types of led neon signs


Types of LED neon signs. See how we produce our neon signs and their variants and design!

Neon signs on plexiglass panel

We named this type of LED neon PlexiArt

freedom of assembly and ease of handling
high flexibility in shaping
possibility of UV printing
high structural rigidity

Is this type of custom neon for you?

Yes, if you want your neon sign to depict a company logo, graphic or wedding neon sign.

types of neon signs
types of neon signs

Neon signs made of dibond and PVC

We named this type of LED neon AluArt

high flexibility and durability
desirable minimalism
excellent base for LED lettering due to the lack of backgrounds
possibility to choose any color of dibond

Is this type of custom neon for you?

Yes, if your neon sign should represent a neon sign in the form of a lettering or a variation of a lettering with a graphic and which you want to hang on the wall.

PVC neon signs

We named this type of LED neon PoliArt

UV printing possible
elegant design more like an elegant lamp and lighting than a neon LED light
ability to reproduce even the most fine details
illumination throughout the entire surface thanks to special design-shaped lampshades

Is this type of custom neon for you?

Yes, if you are looking for an elegant and modern form of lighting other than the standard lamp, and which, by the way, can be created based on your individual taste, needs and preferences.

types of neon signs
types of neon signs

See the types of neon signs based on their purpose! Click on the variant you are interested in to learn more about it!

Using our services, you can have us produce any LED neon sign! Graphics, lettering, logos or sentences. Choose the variant that interests you the most and click on it to learn more!

LED lettering
neon signs with company logo
neon signs for the wall
neon signs for the room
neon signs for a wedding
neon room
ready-made neon signs

Watch the video with Karolina and you will learn more about the types of LED neon signs and how they are produced in our manufactory! You will learn about their construction and application.

In this video, you will see the types of neon signs we have on offer.

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