PoliArt by ledsy


PoliArt is our concept of LED neon, where we use a plexiglass board as the skeleton, create the shape of the characters with PVC, and the top layer of neon consists of special plexiglass casings. You will find the features and applications of this product, as well as how it differs from others, below.

The perfect choice for an LED neon sign.

PoliArt is an excellent choice for LED neons representing any text or phrase.


Key technical information about PoliArt neon.

PoliArt is our LED neon creation with a strip placed inside a milled form made of PVC. These elements are illuminated using a special LED strip.

The base and casing for the project are made from recycled plexiglass, which undergoes processing in our technological park. One of the elements of the entire process is milling special channels using a CNC machine, creating grooves where appropriately cut sections of the LED strip will be placed. The final stage involves connecting all the wires using a soldering iron, gluing, and securing the neon. The final lighting effect is achieved by applying special casings, also made of plexiglass. This is essentially the only difference distinguishing this product variant from our PlexiArt neon.

An important indicator of our quality is also the fact that all the places where wires are connected are located on the reverse side of the PoliArt neon, making it exceptionally aesthetic.



Features of PoliART LED Neon

Neon produced on a plexiglass panel of any size with a special cover on the top layer.

possibility of UV printing
perfect illumination of each letter
unique design resembling a lamp more than a standard LED neon.
the ability to reproduce detailed

Is PoliArt the right choice for you?

Yes, if you are considering LED neon in the form of a sign that features a very pleasant light intensity, evenly spread across the entire surface of each letter, making up a word or a sentence. It also offers a more classic variation of a modern and elegant decoration.


Watch the video with Karolina and discover the detailed features of PoliArt neon.

Watch the video and learn more.


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