Neon on plexiglass

PlexiArt by Ledsy


PlexiArt is our acrylic signs variation based on a plexiglass plate. Below, you will learn about the characteristics and applications of this product and how it differs from others.

The perfect choice for a wedding neon, graphic, or logo.

Acrylic Signs, due to its distinctive characteristics, is an excellent choice for wedding neons, various graphics, or logos.

acrylic signs
acrylic signs

Key technical information about Acrylic Signs:

Acrylic Signs is a form of LED neon with a tape placed inside a silicone mold. In contrast to cheaper components, where the LED tape is placed inside a regular rubber mold, the base elements of the entire LED neon are cut from a special roll of LED tape, commonly referred to in the industry as neon FLEX.

The base or potential background for the project is a recycled plexiglass plate, which undergoes processing in our technological park. One of the finalization elements of the project involves milling special channels on a CNC machine, creating grooves where appropriately cut sections of neon FLEX will be placed. The final step involves connecting all the wires using a soldering iron, gluing, and securing the entire assembly.

An important feature that sets our quality apart is also the fact that the wire junctions are located on the backside of the PlexiArt neon, making it exceptionally aesthetic and meticulously crafted.



LED Acrylic signs neon features

Acrylic sign produced on plexiglass board in any size:

ease of handling and assembly
flexibility in shaping
possibility of UV printing
rigid structure reflecting light

Is Acrylic Signs the choice for you?

Yes, if you don’t plan to frequently move the neon sign and change its location, as the product is relatively susceptible to scratches, ‘fingerprints’ effect, and cracks due to its rigid construction. You also need to pay attention to cleaning the product, as despite accumulating dust, neon cannot be cleaned with aggressive chemicals or detergents

acrylic signs

Watch the video with Karolina and discover the detailed features of Acrylic Signs Neon.

Watch the video and learn more.

neon signs for room

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