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AluArt is our unique variation of LED neon, with an aluminum base and foamed PVC. You will learn about the features, applications, and what sets it apart from the rest below.

The perfect choice for an LED sign with any graphic.

Due to its own unique characteristics, AluArt is an excellent choice for, among other things, neon signs for those who value a minimalist and modern look.


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Key technical information about AluArt neon.

AluArt is a variation of neon with LED tape placed inside a silicone mold. In contrast to cheap neons, where the LED tape is placed inside a regular rubber mold, the components of the entire neon are cut from a special roll of LED tape known in the industry as neon FLEX.

The framework of the construction is made of Dibond, which is an aluminum composite material. It is a sheet with a thickness of 0.3mm and a core of either polyethylene or mineral. As a result, it is incredibly flexible and durable, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation. It is also very lightweight. For signs or any graphics, foamed PVC is used. These are special boards made from vinyl chloride, subjected to specialized processing. As a result, they are characterized by low weight and high resistance to various chemicals, detergents, and corrosion, while maintaining a high level of waterproofness. The unique characteristics of foamed PVC allow us to create any forms and shapes, achieving irregular surfaces without the risk of damaging the neon.

What is important is that all wire connections are located on the other side, which results in the final product having a high level of aesthetics.




Characteristics of AluArt LED neon

Neon produced on an aluminum-composite frame with foamed PVC elements

> extraordinary durability and flexibility of the construction
minimalism and aesthetics
an excellent base for neon signs in the form of text
the possibility to choose the color of Dibond

Is AluArt the choice for you?

Yes, if your LED neon is intended to display a text or text with graphics. Especially considering mounting on walls with dark backgrounds or plants that can be incorporated into the neon.

Watch the video with Karolina and discover the unique features of our AluArt neon.

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