neon wall lights

neon wall lights

Neon wall lights for your business, apartment or home. Take advantage of the option of any personalization of the neon, free visualization of the project and a no-obligation quote. We will produce for you a neon sign that you will proudly hang on your wall! You will be delighted with the quality of workmanship, ease of installation and precise reproduction of any graphic, inscription or logo.

See how our neons look on the wall.

Watch the video with Karolina and see the different variations of our neon wall lights that can be hung on the wall.

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Polish manufacture and our own technology park

✔️ full control over product quality

✔️ technical and post-warranty support

Your idea, our implementation, your own neon

✔️ full personalization of the LED neon

✔️ neon tailored to your needs

The highest quality product and service

✔️ the best components and aesthetics

✔️ two-year warranty

Express quotation, visualization and production

✔️ production in up to 3 days!

✔️ free visualization

Order B2B and B2C! We can produce both individual neon wall lights and wholesale quantities!

Are you representing an advertising, event, or marketing agency and looking for a supplier for your client? Get in touch with us! We not only serve business owners and individual customers, but we also collaborate with numerous agency entities, with whom we have completed hundreds of projects for global corporations. Quantity is not an issue either. We can produce both individual neon wall lights and wholesale quantities of projects, all of which will be created from scratch in our manufacturing facility.

neon wall lights
neon wall lights, neon signs for wall

Hang an energy-efficient and stunning LED neon on the wall, which we will create specifically for you!

Are you looking for a unique, energy-efficient, and character-enhancing form of lighting that will mesmerize your guests or clients? Look no further! You can order our neons for both private and business use, and hanging the neon on the wall is a breeze. Each neon we design is characterized by the highest quality craftsmanship and a perfect reflection of the original visualization.

Design your own LED neon signs for wall with us, which you can hang on the wall in your home, company, or premises!

We are a Polish manufacturing company where we create stunning custom-made neons signs for wall. We have an autonomous technological park, and our designs adorn not only the spaces of global corporations but also local businesses and private areas. Take advantage of our capabilities and choose your own neon that you can hang on the wall in your own home, apartment, or company. We design wall neons together with our clients based on provided guidelines, graphics, or texts.

neon wall lights, neon signs for wall
neon wall lights, neon signs for wall

Wall neon wall lights, gaming room, or child’s room. Just make a gift for yourself or your loved ones!

Give your child a unique gift for their room in the form of neon wall lights representing their passion, hobby, or dream. Let your little one enjoy energy-efficient, visually pleasing, and excellently crafted lighting every day, resistant to falls or ball hits. Choose quality, Polish production, and perfect execution.

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How to order neon at Ledsy?

See how you can create your own LED neon with us in a few simple steps!

No-obligation quote and free visualization

✔️ get a no-obligation quote

✔️ receive a project visualization for free

Acceptance of the quote and design of the LED neon sign

✔️ acceptance of the quote

✔️ acceptance of project details

Express or standard production

✔️ express production in 3 days

✔️ standard production up to 10 days

Shipping or personal pickup of the LED neon sign

✔️ insured parcel shipping

✔️ personal pickup

neon sign manufacturers

Let’s design your own neon wall sign!

neon wall signs

Neon signs for wall in the form of any text, logo, or graphic.

If you’re looking for a unique LED neon wall signs, you can create it together with us. We will design any project for you based on your needs, taste, and requirements. . We will design any inscription, graphic or logo that will enhance the interior of any room. We assure you that the final design will perfectly reflect even the smallest detail from the original visualization, and you will proudly hang it on the wall. Without the slightest hindrance, as the installation is trivial.