Neon signs for room

Neons signs for room and a child’s room. Or perhaps for your living room?

Neon signs for room

Design your own neon signs for room with us!

We are a Polish manufacturing company producing the highest quality neon signs for room. We have our own technological park, and our creations adorn not only the storefronts and spaces of global corporations but also home environments. . Take advantage of our possibilities and design your own neon with us, which you will hang on the wall in your living room or child’s room. We design neon signs for the room from scratch on an individual order according to a jointly designed pattern, but you can also use our ready-made inspirations!

neon signs for room
neon signs for room

Neons for a youth room.

Age matters. And if you are a parent, you probably understand this and know that teenagers rule by their own rules. No longer a child, but still a young teenager with a head full of dreams and ideas. Create a unique neon for the youth room with us, inspired by your child’s hobbies, fantasies, and ideas.

Neons for a child’s room. For boys or girls!

Are you expecting a child? Or perhaps you are already a parent of a wonderful boy or girl? Create a fairytale atmosphere in your little one’s room with energy-efficient LED lighting, adjusting the intensity and character of the light. Match the design to the room’s arrangement and decoration, and infuse it with a magical aura featuring any graphics or text in the form of LED neon light for room!

neon signs for room
Neon for a gaming room.

Neon for a gaming room.

A gaming room undoubtedly evokes images of curtains or blinds and the source of the world in the form of LED lighting. Utilize the features and advantages of our LED neons and create a project with us that not only provides additional lighting but also enhances the character of the gaming room even more. Mount the neon on the wall, or even on the ceiling, or place it on the desk next to your gaming equipment!

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Own manufactory and technology park

We are a Polish manufactory distinguished by our own technological park and European quality. We rely on the highest quality components, not cheap and widely available Asian components of questionable quality and sloppy workmanship. And finally, we assemble each of our neon signs for wall by hand, just like in a Rolls Royce factory!

Experience in B2B & B2C manufacturing

We will immodestly write that we are a leader on the Polish market and a pioneer in creating personalized LED lighting, which has been appreciated by global and world-renowned brands. Over the years, following trends and customer demand, we have transformed ourselves from a manufacturer of illuminated advertising into a specialized manufactory creating phenomenal LED neon wall lights!

High quality product and service

Quality is our priority. Both in the light of production and the level of service provided in the areas of customer service. We focus on long-term cooperation, excellent relations and satisfaction resulting from the cooperation undertaken with us. Perhaps that is why global brands and advertising agencies trust us.

Express production and project preparation

Considering the quality of our products and the processes that take into account their creation, we must proudly admit that the lead time is only a period of 3 to 10 days! On the other hand, we ship the finished products available on our store within a maximum of 24 hours from the time the order is placed!

No limitations and full personalization

For custom-made neon signs for wall – both in light of B2B and B2C orders, we provide total freedom. The number of products in the order, design, dimensions and nature of the project depends solely on your imagination, needs and budget!

Secured, insured and global shipping

We pack all our neon wall lights with due care. We seal each item against damage and ship the package via courier with additional insurance to protect the value of the package contents. We ship our neon signs all over the world!

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How does it work?

See how you can create your own Neon Signs for room with us in just a few easy steps!

Free and express quote

Contact us and fill out a quote form for your custom neon signs for room concept.

Get a free design and visualization

Do you accept our quote? That’s great. Totally free we will prepare a visualization of the project for you.

Production in our manufactory

After accepting the quote and design, we start the production of your led light sign. The standard production time takes about 10 working days while we also offer an express option.

Insured worldwide shipping

We ship our products all over the world. Meticulously and securely packaged LED neon signs for room, we ship with overprotection along with a two-year warranty.

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Let’s design your own neon signs for room, neon signs for bedroom, neon signs for living room, or even neon signs for kitchen!

neon signs for room

LED Neon signs for room!

On the wall, desk, or perhaps on the ceiling?

You can place our neon signs for room anywhere in your home. The versatile range of mounting options allows you to effortlessly place your neon on a desk, shelf, attach it to the wall, or even the ceiling! Regardless of the mounting method, we assure you that the neon we produce will not only meet your requirements but above all, provide a unique character to the room, emanating from its beautiful illumination.