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Ledsy brand is a European manufacturer of LED neon signs of the highest quality. 100% European production of neon signs in our own manufactory. We produce LED neon signs for global brands, corporations and advertising agencies. We provide TOP quality, the ability to complete the order even in 3 working days and free visualization of the project.

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Production of neon signs in an autonomous manufactory. Welcome to Ledsy! European manufacturer, where we will complete your LED neon order even in 3 working days!

We are a European brand and manufactory with our own technological park, where we design, develop and produce LED neon signs of the highest quality. Our products are characterized by excellent aesthetics, durability and precision of complex elements, which is influenced by high-quality components and meticulousness of specialized assemblers. Production of neon signs in our technological park is a guarantee of the highest quality!


B2B & B2C order fulfillment. Including servicing global brands, corporations and advertising agencies!

We serve both business and private customers. In addition to offering custom production with individually tailored projects upon the customer’s request, we also provide ready-made LED neons on our online store.

We are proud to announce that our realizations adorn the premises, spaces and storefronts of global brands located throughout Europe. We work with global advertising and marketing agencies, corporations and companies in accordance with B2B cooperation, as well as fulfill individual orders in the B2C sector.

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production of neon signs ledsy.eu
production of neon signs ledsy.eu
neon sign production

Our clients are global brands like Nespresso, Lancome, Porsche, Mercedes, YES or the biggest shopping malls!

Our client list includes global and internationally recognized brands, and the LED neon signs we produce are synonymous with the highest quality. Unlike cheap and Asian products, we focus on craftsmanship, aesthetics and the best quality components. What distinguishes us as a manufacturer of neon signs is first and foremost our lead time. We provide the possibility of express order processing, which in fact allows us to produce neon signs even in 3 working days! Other advantages are the possibility of cooperation with us under the terms of the NDA agreement, as well as service and post-warranty service, as well as free visualization!

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Polish manufacture and our own technology park

✔️ full control over product quality

✔️ technical and post-warranty support

Your idea, our implementation, your own neon

✔️ full personalization of the LED neon

✔️ neon tailored to your needs

The highest quality product and service

✔️ the best components and aesthetics

✔️ two-year warranty

Express quotation, visualization and production

✔️ production in up to 3 days!

✔️ free visualization

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Listen to Karolina and see how the production of our LED neons looks like.

The production of neons is based on several different finishing options, depending on the form, size, and purpose of the product.

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Production of neons from scratch in our technological park.

The production process of our neons takes place entirely in our own workshop, starting with a free visualization and quote prepared by our graphic designers. The next steps involve client approvals, handling formal matters, the production process, and finally assembling all components and shipping.

neon sign manufacturers
neon sign manufacturers

Polish neon manufacturer, European quality, and global projects.

In our client portfolio, you will find global advertising and marketing agencies, large corporations, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, and satisfied individual customers. . It’s to bad that due to contracts and partnerships under the principle of NDA projects, we can’t show off our designs adorning the shop windows of London, Berlin, Munich or Warsaw, but you’ll have to take our word for it that there would be plenty to brag about!

neon sign manufacturers

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